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Toronto Life

Kiss and Tell: "My Hinge date started ignoring me. It turned out he was buying concert tickets" 

Kiss and Tell: "My date said he goes out with unattractive women because it makes for good stories"

Kiss and Tell: "I thought my first ever date would be romantic. Instead, the guy fetishized my lack of experience" 

word vomit Substack

Adorno vs TikTok: on the commodification of mass culture

Reflection: on personal identity theory

New Year, New Me: on changing your identity

The Death of Social Media: on the gradual fall of Instagram

The Mall: on the windowless escape from reality

My Room: on one's own room

The Otter

Ballet, Balanchine, and Body Surveillance

On The Record

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Toronto food banks see record visits as food insecurity grows

'Desperate need for bodies': nursing students concerned for their futures

New research tackles food waste by including all stakeholders

TMU, WaterStone partnership launches to support students with eating disorders

New report on gender identity is a milestone for representation in Canada

The Globe and Mail 

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Home of the Week: Fresh bagels in a loft in Montreal’s Le Plateau

Coach house opportunities put the horse before the cart

Transgender youth at a higher risk for suicidal thoughts, report says

Surgery waitlists at children's hospitals continue to grow, despite lifted COVID-19 restrictions

Rise in eating disorder hospitalizations among young women linked to social media and pandemic, experts say

Food banks across Canada seeing a growing demand as inflation drives up grocery prices

Nutgraf Press

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Building connection in Toronto's art scene

Album Review: Regina Spektor's Soviet Kitsch

South Etobicoke left out of inclusionary zoning

Fighting the climate crisis with trees

The unconscious self in Overtones

The age of fractures "great" American novel

The Varsity 

U of T’s reopening plans need to prioritize a green recovery

InsightOut Blog

Personal Essay: The Importance of Student Journalism to Campus Life

The Mike Publications

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When can we proclaim a return to normalcy?

The importance of voting

U of T's anti-racism task force

Petition in solidarity to Wet'suwet'en land defenders

What are you going to do with that?: the stigma in liberal arts education

U of T to lose revenue due to Ford's tuition cuts

Cannabis legalized nationwide

U of T to implement new free speech policy

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